we are the pattinsons

Hey, we’re the Pattinsons and we’re so stoked you’re here! A husband and wife team, we’ve been together a decade (say whaat?!), married for two years and play parents to two beautiful hound dogs. It was in the glorious aftermath of our own woodland wedding that we realised two things: we heart weddings and we REALLY heart film. They say you should do what you love with those you love, so here we are; enjoying every wedding, every film and every moment together. Wanna know a bit more about us? Well, who better to introduce us than, well, us?!

Clare on Jack: With a background in photography and design, J is a creative through and through. An eye for the big picture and a rhythmic ear (he plays a multitude of instruments!), he’ll see your wedding film in his mind’s eye as he works, filming with your song choices in mind and capturing every money shot to create a video that reflects both you and your day beautifully. J’s also one of the most open-minded, unassuming people I’ve ever known, he’ll make you feel comfortable in the blink of an eye, and I’d guarantee he’ll add to your smile count on the day… But then, I guess you could say I’m a little biased!

Jack on Clare: If you want someone who knows weddings, Clare’s your gal. Not only did she coordinate our own wedding in just 9 weeks (to say she can organise, would be something of an understatement), but she then went on to join forces with leading wedding blog, Festival Brides, for whom she continues to produce creative content and work closely with wedding suppliers across the UK. Clare’s all about the details: she’ll leave no dress embellishment, no decor element un-filmed and she’ll notice those sweet smiles you guys give each other when no-one else is looking… Don’t tell her I told you this, but she’s a proper sop at heart!

Just so y’all know, we’re based in the Midlands, but man alive do we fancy travelling!